Kris van der Ven

Interaction Designer & Front End Developer

at 72media

As an Interaction Designer I empathize with the user, I am focused and I pay attention to details.

To get a good quality solution I analyze content and data, I spar with colleagues (both design and development) and I research best practices. During the process I never forget to keep-it-simple.

Outside of work, I keep my knowledge up-to-date with activities such as; UX Book Club, IxDA Peer Group and Design by Fire Café. Also I organize Design by Fire Workshops.


Interpolis / Philips

A pilot between Interpolis and Philips to explore new ways to make a business park safer.

For Interpolis & Philips I looked into ways of combining smart lighting with Oodit Riskspotter, to look into ways to lower the crime rates for a businesspark.

The flowchart for this I made in Axure. For the clickable prototype I used the combination of Sketch and Invision.

My activities:
flowchart (1) wireframes (1)

Rabo Risigo - Siebel

A coupling between Rabo RisiGo and Siebel.

To make Rabo RisiGo more an integrated product of the Rabobank it had to be linked to the backoffice of Rabobank (Siebel).

For this project I researched the similarities between the data in RisiGo and Siebel. I worked out the flow based on the meetings with the Rabobank. I used this information to build wireframes in Balsamiq and later on to build the prototype in Invision.

My activities:
research brainstorming flowchart (1) wireframes prototype HTML/ Css

Rabobank - Financial update

A online tool from the Rabobank to check your current and future financial situation.

As the Rabobank released there new corporate identity for the web, a lot of tools needed to be updated, so was the financial update.

For this project I looked into rebuilding and improving the current tool without loosing the look and feel of the new corporate identity of Rabobank.

My activities:
concepting brainstorming wireframes HTML/ Css

Oodit Riskplan

A 72Media in-house product, developed for risk management.

With what we learned from Rabo Risigo and the K.I.S.S method, 72Media started building a new platform for managing risks.

Development of the platform happens in an agile process, where we respond to feedback from clients and experts.

My activities:
concepting product owner flowchart (1) wireframes HTML/ Css Living Styleguide (1, 2, 3)

Interpolis Grip

After a risk assessment, the client get's a report. What is the next step?

This pilot is to find out, what the user needs to fulfill the To-Do's which follow a risk assessment. And how Interpolis can help the client to achieve better results.

For inspiration I looked into an article on medium by Mikkel Bo Schmidt. And I made the concept of sliding panels part of my Wireframes.

My activities:
concepting research wireframes (1, 2, 3) agile

Rabobank Jongeren

A tool to give youngsters insight in their spending patterns.

For this project we got a couple of excel sheets with the assignment to make something out of this. So we got started.

After a couple of iterations, some different concepts, we agreed on the final product. A tool where youngsters can see what the average spending is for different situations. With the addition of some fun comparisons.

My activities:
concepting data analysis (1) flowchart (1) wireframes (1, 2) HTML/ Css

RizK & RisiGo

Interpolis started these projects toghether with Rabobank, to get a grip on riskmanagement.

RizK and RisiGo are a platform to give clients insight in their own current risk situation and showing what measures and insurances they can take to minimise the change and impact.

The platforms consists of:

  • A webapplication for the backoffice;
  • A iPad app for the riskmanager to catalog the clients risk; and
  • A personal report with the riskmanagers findings
My activities:
brainstorming research flowcharts (1) prototypes (1, 2) HTML/ Css (1)

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